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Chazzbo Media has spent the better part of the past 10 years cultivating a deep, respectful relationship with agriculture experts and personnel, in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the most profoundly important industry in America today. We believe that what ag folks do is vital and essential every day. And that’s why we strive to develop the most accurate and relevant instructional programs for the industry. Please enjoy this brief look at where we’ve been and what we do…
experiences working with Chazzbo Media

"Chazzbo Media is a delight to work with! As a pesticide safety education specialist, I sometimes struggle to find professionals who know how to communicate with an audience. Chazzbo "gets it." They create programs that communicate all the points I want to make, and deliver a product that goes far beyond my expectations. I would not hesitate to call on them for a video project here in North Carolina."
Wayne G. Buhler, Ph.D.
Department of Horticultural Science, CALS
North Carolina State University

"Chazzbo Media has worked with us on eight projects. They’ve been very patient with those of us who don't understand much about the filming process, and encouraging to our amateur speakers and actors. Chazzbo always tries to give us the best product at the best cost."
Jim Harvey
Worker Protection Standard Specialist
Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health

"As an agricultural extension educator, working with the Chazzbo Media team in the pesticide videos has been one of the highlights of my job, enjoyable and beneficial for many farm-workers."
Miguel Saviroff
Extension Educator
Somerset County PA

"Chazzbo Media was super-easy to work with. They came up with great ideas for sharing our complex information, and followed through with an informative presentation."
George W. Hamilton
Extension Educator, Agricultural Resources
UNH Cooperative Extension - Hillsborough County, NH